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Nikoletta Hulyák - Spezialist für Permanent Make Up

Nikoletta Hulyák

Permanent Make Up Specialist


I am Niki, dermatological beautician and permanent makeup specialist. My mission is to bring out the inner beauty of each person and together with my clients create the best body image for them.

For twelve years I have treated numerous clients in the metropolis of Budapest. Among other things, by alleviating rosacea, cellulite, acne, etc., I have given my many people a better life as a result.

For a while now I live here in Solothurn and continue my mission. In the meantime I have also specialized in permanent make-up as well as medical micropigmentation.

The techniques of Permanent Make-Up and the available pigments have improved a lot in the last years. They allow not only human-medical treatments for the correction of undesirable skin phenomena such as scars or blemishes. It is also possible to create subtle and elegant make-up that can last for several years. This makes it possible to grant anyone a permanently beautiful appearance and makes life so much easier.

It is beautiful you are here, just contact me if you are interested in a topic closer. I look forward to hearing from you. Together we will find out if I can offer you something suitable to enrich your life.

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"My passion is to bring out the inner beauty of each person"

Nikoletta Hulyák

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