Permanent Beauty. - Nikoletta Hulyák
Permanent Beauty - Nikoletta Hulyák

Hi, I’m Niki, beautician, permanent Make Up and medical micropigmentation specialist


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Tartós smink üzleti nőknek

Business Women

Always ready. Always perfect.
No time to waste

Always the perfect look

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Tartós smink aktív anyukáknak

Active Moms

Kids, husband, work and no time for herself

Get your femininity back

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Busy Girls

Friends, party, Fanta, and the lack of sleep pays off in time

Never age old

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Tartós smink az Engaged & Cool számára

Engaged & Cool

Keep your beauty, not only for your hubby, but also for yourself

Beauty without stress

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"My passion is to bring out the inner beauty of each person"

Nikoletta Hulyák

In Solothurn since 2017


Szemhéjtetoválás Budapesten


Permanent Make Up

Ajaktetoválás budapesten


Permanent Make Up

Medizinische Mikropigmaentation

Medical Dermopigmentation

Medical Dermopigmentation

only the best

I work with...

Clinita - Clinical Tattooing Syatem